Monday, September 15, 2014

From Broken Shards to Fairy Garden

Terra cotta jars are nice, I suppose.  They  give character to a place where you station them.  I bought some years ago, back when my children were small. Hence, my terra cotta jars are sentimental pieces. Naturally, I brought them with me when we had a change of residence.  They found their home in the outdoors, at the porch, where they would be safe from being bumped by clumsy feet or tough gadgets like the floor polisher.  Or so I thought.  A super typhoon (Ramnasun) came and brought super-strong winds and knocked three of them.  Fortunately I was left with three.  I was almost in tears when I saw the shards.  One jar was totally in shreds, one was knocked into large  pieces, and one was halved.  Here are my decade-old jars, seemingly hammered by a madman, and I didn't want to throw them away just like that.  So I had them swept to one side, piled up into a mound, waiting for some future use.

These two jars are toughies. They weathered a super typhoon named Ramnasun.  
At their feet lie scattered bits of the other jars that suffered the typhoon's wrath.  

This one was halved, but fortunately, I could still piece them together like this.  
Inspired by fairy gardens that were shown to me by friends, I decided to make my own.  
Sorry,I don't know the names of the tiny plants I used. Some of them I bought from a garden shop, some I took from the pots I brought from my old residence.

I was looking for decorations to put as accents here, and I found a broken wind chime from among my rubbles.  A broken umbrella happened to be around, so I took the spokes and some floral wires, and assembled the decorations such that they would prop up.  

So, voila, I have upcycled my broken stuff into this beautiful fairy-garden!  


Elmira said...

Creativity at its best. You are a gifted person.

Spranzee said...

Thank you po, Ma'am Elmira :-)