Monday, February 17, 2014

Discovering the Land of Wats, the Land of Smiles

I never imagined myself to be living away from home, but here I am cast in the middle of an unfamiliar ocean, swept up by waves that don't seem to embrace me.  Not yet, anyway.

First phase, hunting for a new home.   I traveled with my hubby here in Huahin, a prosperous fishing village three hours away from Bangkok, to scout for a dwelling place sometime in early part of last year, 2013.  Space is expensive here.  Most residences we saw were small, although they're modern.  We tried looking at stand-alone houses, but we opted for condominum units.   Big space is hard to come by when your budget is not liberated.  But we were able to find a unit big enough for a family of five.  It's beautiful, of contemporary Western design. Near the beach. Near the markets, shopping malls, hospitals and a Catholic church.  Perfect.  Not that I plan to do a lot of outdoor activities and a lot of shopping.  But just the thought of it makes one feel good about establishing a new home, albeit a temporary one.  Who doesn't wanna live like this when it feels like it's vacation forever! :-)

Second phase, testing the waters.  I have finished packing stuff back home.  All that we need is our Manila home's renovation to be completed, and then we ship all our stuff there.  Then some here, mostly my art and craft stuff.  And my sewing machine. :-)

Yeah, am here now in Huahin, testing it out.  Actually, I came here to be with hubby during this Valentine season.  I didn't want him spending Hearts' Day alone.  This stay shall be the intro into the kind of life I'd be leading here for a couple of years or so.  A sneak peek, so to speak.

I want to share the peephole with you, hence I plan to blog away my stay here.  Let's get to know this neighboring state of ours, from first-hand experience.  Keep posted. :-)

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