Saturday, February 22, 2014

Barefoot On the Beach

Mornings look promising for a daily walk in the beach. It's a beautiful beach, ideal for early morning or late afternoon long walks, briskly or leisurely, or for jogging.  One will surely have a good dose of exercise going back and forth this more-than-a-kilometer stretch of soft sand.

As soon as the sun rises, people go out to jog or walk in the beach or bathe in the sea. Some guests are already prepared to stretch out to soak in the sun.   Especially on weekends, lounge chaises, beach mats, towels and giant umbrellas are being readied early for the influx of guests coming from various parts of Thailand.  

Business starts as soon as people stream in.  These entrepreneurs make beach life  more interesting with their goods and services, i.e., food and drinks, massage, straw mats for rent, and horseback riding.  It's fun to walk barefoot in the beach, just be careful you don't step on something round, soft and sticky.

Kiteboarders pretty soon set out to sea to frolic with the strong wind and the rolling waves. There aren't many teenagers coming to this area so the sight of skim boarders  is wanting.  It probably isn't popular in this area because the guests who come here are mostly in their mature years, or young couples with their toddlers. Let's wait for the coming months and see if the story stays the same.

The beach is generally clean, but not without litter, too.  Plastic straws, cellophane and lots of elastic bands deck some areas particularly where there are vendors selling food.  

Various shells are washed ashore, but not really as abundant and as interesting as one finds on beaches back home.  We  found large jellyfish half-buried in the sand, too.

The beach runs parallel with Petchakasim Road, and in between buildings along the beach are alleys that lead you to the other side.  But not all alleys are accessible, as many of them pass through private propertiy, like the one in the picture below. That one passes through Baan San  Ploen and only residents and transients of the condominium units are allowed to pass through.

 After  your late afternoon stroll, you can exit through any of the public alleys and get to the road, cross over to the other side and find something to eat at the nightmarkets nearby. There are several nightmarkets along Petchakasim Road.  

Our next quest, the nightmarkets of Huahin. #

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