Thursday, February 20, 2014

Home in Huahin: Baan San Ploen

Home for the next few years (hopefully) is Baan San Ploen, a beachfront condominium where units are rented out to tourists on short or long term basis.  

The apartments are managed like a hotel.  Services like laundry and room cleaning are offered, except for meals.  Guests may cook their own  food since the kitchens are equipped with electric stoves, coffee makers, water heaters, blenders, bread toasters, and rice cookers.

There's a pool that runs from the beachfront to one side of the buildings, like an L- shape.  Lucky are those who live in the ground floor because the pool is just at their doorstep.

It is a desirable place to live in because of its great   location. It's right on the beach, which is a long stretch of soft, white sand.

  Baan San Ploen is  also snugly located along Petchakasem Road, a main street where all sorts of establishments are located.  A Catholic Church, a hospital, schools, hotels, restaurants, bars, markets, 7-11...what more could one ask for?  The nightmarket across the street is a very good place to try various Thai food.  One has the option not to homecook for dinner, rather, go out and be adventurous to try out Thai dishes.

 At first glance, Hua hin really seems like a peaceful place where mostly elderly tourists are seen walking around, in the streets or  along the beach.  Just make sure to apply mosquito repellant, though, as these tiny blood-suckers come out in multitude at night.

I have yet to discover other  tourist spots to visit, though hubby and I have discovered this viewpoint somewhere up.  There's plenty of time for more. Let's take it one step at a time. :-) #

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