Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rainbow Connection

I remember when I was a  child I'd literally jump with naive joy whenever I'd  see a rainbow. I'd even call the attention of my siblings and friends, and together we would marvel happily at the fascinating vision of it.  We'd jump with joy, we'd dance and sing its name.  And then we'd try to imagine what it's like at the end of the rainbow. Is there really a pot of gold down there?  Our joy is greater when the rainbow is one full arc, greatest when there are two.  I couldn't really explain the happiness it brings, but a rainbow is always a magical thing.  Even now, I still find pleasure in seeing a rainbow.  It  brings back joyful childhood memories.  But not only that...the strip of colors splashed across the sky momentarily obscures the cares I have in  my mind and in my heart.

Highway scenery, after the rain.

Fleeting though it may be, a rainbow is always exhilarating, intoxicating, enchanting.   It is a symbol of happiness, of hope, because after the somber rain somewhere, the rainbow appears mysteriously to brighten up the sky.  Whoever sees it, his spirit is uplifted.  A tinge of cheerfulness begins to form in his bosom and extends into a smile in his face. It  must be the colors. Or the thought that beautiful things happen when they are least expected.  Or the thought that God is smiling, hence, we should smile, too.  That's the effect of the rainbow, the mystical connection between the heaven and the earth.

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