Sunday, June 17, 2012

That Which We Call Death

That which comes quietly, its shadows seen or not...that which takes away inevitably...that which we call Death:  No matter how much we prepare ourselves for it...we still are much shaken by it.   Sometimes we fear it, not for ourselves but for those who will be left behind.  For those who will be left behind, sometimes they welcome it because pain and suffering are much too much to bear.

Death manifests itself in the withered leaves that fall to the ground one by one, making us lonelier and lonelier as our days advance.  And in the afternoon of our lives, it perches onto our very own branch, beckoning.

Death is always painful.  It always takes away and leaves a great void in our being.  The feeling of loss is always deep. Forgetting takes too long.  Longing takes forever. ###

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