Thursday, November 10, 2011


I've written about my first ever experience to go ziplining in Lake Sebu, with colleagues and peers.  It was a BLAST in the very sense of the word.  Now my next entry, what do you say, is about my second time to go ziplining in Lake Sebu, again, this time with my students.  Guess what, the thrill was the same, but my behavior wasn't.

All set to fly!
For when during the first time I was with peers, I had the liberty to let it all out; this time that I was with the young ones, I had to feign control.  I had to show that I was brave so that I would infect them with courage...otherwise most of them would have all backed out, as I was again first to go.  In other words, no screaming!  Hah, that's what you think! I was screaming as loud as I could...inside.  Screaming silently...hah, such oxymoron.  Now I know it's for real.

Almost there!

Anyway, the experience was different this time, too, for I was able to look down and enjoy the view somehow.  (Another oxymoronic expression: I was looking down on  treetops.)  I reigned in my voice because I didn't wanna scare the kid I was zipping with.  Yeah, I didn't wanna give him a heart attack, haha!

But y'know what, in the next trip going back, I kinda screamed a bit because I got frightened by the jolting feel that wasn't there the first time.  I found out the guys operating the zipline were jerking the cable to give us a bit of a scare, just for kicks.  I told them when I got off not to do the same with the kids because I didn't want the young ones scared or worried.  Thankfully they heeded my request.

It was the same as when I was with my peers...the kids waited for the rest to arrive at the final landing and rejoiced at every "arrival"...tight hugs, congratulations, ecstatic smiles, wobbly knees but lifted spirits...I told you, everybody becomes fraternal after the hurdle.  I'm sure it was  an experience they'll never forget. :-)

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