Thursday, November 10, 2011


Mom Me
My children have long since grown from cute babies to cute teenagers.  I would have written entries after entries of those sweet days bringing them up as infants and toddlers, and now teens, but I didn't.  I feel sorry that I hadn't been able to, because my kids were each a wonder when they were growing up and reaching milestones in their developments as human beings.  Oh, all the firsts were such wonders that made my heart skip a beat each time and wish I could keep those moments forever.
If you are an expectant mother, or a young mom with a first baby, you might wanna take this advice.  Take time to write about those wonderful times, milestones, etc. Believe me, we all reach a point in our life when we begin looking back and missing those infant cries, innocent laughters, big round eyes, tiny arms that cling tightly around our necks, tiny bodies that fit perfectly right into our laps and our embraces, those butterfly kisses that land on our cheeks and sometimes on our lips.  There will come a time when we would so wish we could go back in time...into that time...when our kids were babies, and the world was much, much simpler...despite sleepless nights and tiresome days. 

Take lots of pictures, for we get to miss what they used to look  like.  Candid shots...taken during sleeping time, play time, school time, bath, but be careful about exposing what's supposed to stay unexposed--we don't wanna embarrass them like that in the future.

Take pictures. Create mementos. Preserve them.  And when they have grown and flown the coop, those albums and memorabilia are gonna make great company.

I am now in such stage of life when I feel like reconstructing those good old days...because I miss my babies so. I hope my aging memory wouldn't fail me, but rather, give me back those times, albeit sporadically.  And I shall try to put them into words as best as I could.  I know in my heart this is what will help me keep going in the next half of my journey.

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