Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Color Of Life

I've just started this blog running on the theme of how we color our own world.  Then I chanced this photo by a young lad I've known to have an obvious depth in character.

The subject of his art is very simple. Clothespins on a clothesline left all wet and shimmery after a downpour.  The droplets actually make the picture extraordinary.  They add a touch of drama that appeals to one's sensitivities.  If one could give this much attentive interest to something as seemingly insignificant as 'pang-ipit',  then, hey, how much more of things that really matter?  May the artist in you not "obliviate", lad.

From Ian Villares' album @

I marvel at this perspective of life...very simple, very positive.  The colors of life are brilliant after the rain.  The leaves are greener, the flowers daintier, the birds chirpier after coming out of their shelters, and the rainbows that issue in the skies...they fail no end to cheer us up despite the overcast.

It is not the form that dictates the color, 
but the color that brings out the form.
---Hans Hofmann

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bongga the xmas tree..