Friday, December 10, 2010

The Color Of Christmas

Red and green have always been associated with Christmas.  They have been the traditional hues for the Yule season.  For many years past my home had been decked with bells and balls and hollies, mistletoes  and  wreaths  accented with these colors, with a touch of gold and silver here and there. Later on I added blue.  In fact, last Christmas, my smaller Christmas tree was decked with blue and silver stuff.  A neighbor of mine commented on it, rather "disapprovingly."  Blue is sad and never a color for Christmas, said she.  But who cares, I wanted it blue.  And my Christmas was not at all sad.  My Christmas was  gay. 

This year I was feeling a bit more daring.  Dare to be different.  So my Christmas tree is again non-traditional. But I kept it gay, anyway.  As a matter of  fact, very gay.  Take a look!

My femme Christmas tree.

Gay bells.

I don't know about you, but I think my tree is muy magnifico.  Well, I also thought this year was for me, so I'll use the motif of my own choice.  As in my own.  With no one else taken into consideration.  Because if I did, I'd end up with the usual colors again, i.e. politically-correct-according-to-men. Anyway, this tree is technically mine.  Hubby bought it for me to cheer me up after an accident some years back.  Because prior to that, he knew I was yearning for a taller tree to put up in the lanai.  

When my  youngest son came home from school and chanced upon me putting the finishing touches on the tree, I asked him what he thought of it, and he said ... it's ... nice ......but ... it's ...... PINK!!! Please don't do this on the other tree upstairs.   (Hahaha, oh, well, boys will be boys.)  

Have a gay...err...merry Christmas, everyone!

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