Tuesday, December 14, 2010


UNIFIED refers to a big cooperative that renders engineering services in a little town called Polomolok.  And since it's into engineering, it features the coop's trade services every year-end  in a grand showcase: an ultimate Christmas display that so woowws everybody.  Its headquarters’  frontage has now become an object of excitement come -ber months.  Just a month ago it was fully covered with tarp, signaling that work was on-going and, of course, how it would  look like was being kept a secret from everyone.  And when all the work is done and the time is right, there is the Unveiling which has also become ceremonious.  The powers-that-be in the-only-tiny-Philippine-town-that's-in-the-map-of-the-US are invited to grace the unveiling and lighting ceremony.

This year's theme.

People flock to the Unified frontage to enjoy the display and pose for pictures.

The traditional Belen
will always be present.  
It's a very Filipino tradition.

Snow and snowman and an American shop. 
 Our concept of Christmas is never without these. Commercialism or colonialism?

Wonderful Tonight.  ColorfulAttractions 
for kids from 9-92.
A ferris' wheel and a carousel.

The town that the pineapple built is never complete sans the pineapple. Only Unified can outdo its own creativity, as is shown in this delightful pineapple carousel.

More snapshots from Unified's display:


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