Thursday, November 10, 2011

On Fishing and Organizing: I Shall Teach Thee How Not to Fish

This article is also a re-post from the blog account I will be closing down soon after this transfer.   

I've never been an OC, if you know what those two letters stand for.  As a matter of fact, my workplace is an OC's worst nightmare ever.  Well, of course, I tidy up once I'm done with my projects, but never during. I tend to lose things when my stuff are organized within my creativity period.  Believe it or not, I can be very well-organized with my things. That is, if I don't need them within the month, they go to their respective shelves or organizers.   Yes, I've  got not too few organizers--various types: plastic mini-drawers, plastic folders, wooden trays, bucket organizers, storage trays, file racks, etc. etc. etc.  I even have corkboards to hold my memos and reminders and other stuffs that need immediate attention but certainly go unnoticed till after they have become obsolete.

I have a lot of things. As in.  I'm a craft-hobby person and I collect a lot of small things. I even carry a lot of things in my bag whenever I go out.  That's right.  I take my home with me wherever I go; hence, small bags are not really my friends.  Well, we're BFF when I pick up my groceries, because I only need to bring my most basic essentials or kit A (you heard it right):  a dozen Excedrins, a pack of wet-tissue, my driver's license, a credit card and an ATM card, and my cellphone.

But for most of the time, I need to lug a big bag to carry my next most basic essentials (or kit B) which would include all of kit A, my pressed powder, my Mary Kay basic make-up case, a hairbrush, a tiny jar of lotion snitched from a recent hotel stay, ballpens and paper pad, a dainty fan, a cardholder, my school IDs, a USB and a bunch of keys.  A water bottle, too.

My Kit C would include all of Kit A and B, plus my blue foldable-umbrella, my Canon cam, my laptop and its charger and mouse, my handy broadband units, my binder-notes, sheets of paper, etc. etc. etc.  (Uh, okay, you can easily say I throw in my whole computer table into my bag, minus the printer).  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the modern-day Mary Poppins.

So can you imagine how the interior of my bag would look like?  My bag usually gets to be very, very profound.  It teaches me how to fish.  I need to answer my cellphone that keeps ringing as if it commands attention from all other people around me, go fish. Ring-riiing!  Fumble. People stare. Curse.  Fish, fish.  Ah, finally, found ya ( but it has decided to clam up now).  *#@&%$.... I need to do re-touch on my lips, go fish.  Now where is that damn key??? Fumble, fumble, go fish.  Deeper dear, as keys are known to love to inhabit the bottom of the ocean...err...bags, I mean.

I used to have lots  of tiny purses in my bag.  Coin purse. Make-up purse.  Pencil case.  Miscellaneous purse.  So I was only too happy when I got a freebie bag organizer from the National Bookstore one post-summer time, when we were buying loads of school stuff for my three boys.  Plus a few books for me, always.   It's a black mini-bag with lots of inner side pockets.  Put in all your things there, and put the mini-bag inside your handbag.Yeah, I got to have an organized bag with it.  I got to change bags conveniently.  But still I had to do some fishing whenever I needed something in it.  And I still had to cry "Waaiit!!! Don't hang up on me!"  whenever my phone rang incessantly (yes, as if my caller could hear me, 'no!)  Hmp! I still had that Midas touch: phone got  frozen  the moment I laid my hand on it...oh, if only it would work for real, like, really turn things into gold, I'd touch every person and cat that comes near me!)

But that's all history now. (It's nearly 2 am so I  really have to get to the point now.)  Bearhugs to my friend Lynette, the pretty yuppie (young-Preneur) who introduced me to her wrap-around bag organizers.  It is truly a magnificent idea. Double bearhugs to the inventor, too, squeeze-squeeze! 

So these days, I am truly proud to present my bag for inspection at the malls.  And everything's so easily accessible, like, at one glance I see where my phone is, where my lipstick is, etc. etc. etc.  Yes, my big bags are no longer profound and my fishing days are over.  (Seven minutes before my hubby gets up and reprimand me for staying up eyes wide open at this unholy hour,so just take a look at my bag and see for yourself.  Uploading...uploading...ears straining for my hubby's dreadful footsteps, sssshhh!)

My bag, with Kit A.
Am using a medium-sized wrap around
 to hold my most basic stuff.  See how neat?
And how it leaves so much room
 for other things to be placed in the middle.

Here, I have two wrap-arounds for my Kit A  and B.
 The medium-sized goes in the center,
 wrapped around by the large organizer
that contains more pockets.
So easy to find things because they're all like
staring at you when you open your bag.

Medium, animal-print.

Outer: Large, animal-print.
Same cloth for unity and cohesiveness.
Together they hold all of my personal stuff.
And look, they even prop up my floppy bag

So you see, I am not an OC, and NEVER will be, with apologies to my hubby who squeezes toothpaste tubes from the bottom ( I wring the neck!)  but with this look of my bag, I could pass for one.  Makes  very, very good impression.  Just beware, don't leave your bags gaping wide and unattended with this set-up because if it makes it too convenient for you, well, then it serves a very good purpose for shoplifters as well. 

If you wanna have a bag make-over just like mine, drop me a message and I could help you get one or a pair for you.  Makes great present, too, especially that the gift-giving season is here right now na na.  Search for my bellissima fwendship's Facebook account: Lynette's Unique Finds.  She has more great stuff in store for you. 

So bye for now, good morning. I have been staying up too la....errr...early, gotta catch a wink till five.  Ciao!

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